‘Art is committed to telling truths, even if unpalatable. This can make life uncomfortable for governments’. Abraham Oghobase is a Nigerian photographer in his mid-thirties whose witty and original pictures are gaining him an international reputation. His work is based on the documentary tradition, but it is given a distancing quality by the artist’s own presence in the photograph. This combination of reportage and performance art, while not unique, compellingly adds layers of complication to otherwise straightforward depictions of the socio-economic tensions of his homeland.

Eight weeks ago, a dozen victims or potential victims of sex trafficking each were given a digital camera.  On Monday the work from eight weeks of training in photography and writing will be on display in an exhibition at Columbia College for the world to see.  The project was thought up by Columbia College student Bronte Price, who is also a photographer for Getty Images, as a way to give victims a voice.

Describing himself as an “accidental photographer,” Edwin Koo is an award-winning Singaporean documentary photographer who produces work that is striking and evocative. So much so that his body of work on Swat, Pakistan, titled Paradise Lost: Pakistan’s Swat Valley, won him the Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography in 2010.

His spectacular images of the nighttime sky framed by Intermountain West scenery are breathtaking, and soon, photos by Bret Webster of Bountiful will be featured in the U.S. embassy in Tunisia. As part of the ARTS in Embassies program, his photographs are fostering U.S. relations within local communities worldwide.

July 6, 2012

They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Perhaps presidents Obama and Putin never heard of that expression. It is rare to the point of being unknown when the last time was that two world leaders showed such obvious mutual dislike of each other.

March 20, 2012

For the students of diplomacy, the photographs detailing the early years of Asean are objects of nostalgia and politics. Established on August 8, 1967, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) was composed of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

"America's Foreign Service officers and military personnel represent our country all over the world... This photography exhibition provides a unique view of their work to resolve conflicts and forge new partnerships and advance America's interests and values.

A contest of photographs depicting the daily life of military deployments and overseas assignments...will kick off on Veterans Day. The to show everyday events through the eyes of those who serve as ambassadors representing the United States around the world.