The Public Diplomacy program aims to combat the BDS movement and the delegitimization of Israel through uniting a global community of pro-Israel activists on social media in a coordinated effort to inform and influence people on Israel.

BigBang and CL turned out to be the only South Koreans in the pool of 127 candidates of the online poll, along with U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Pope Francis, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Hollywood star actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

A recent poll showed that the majority of the Japanese public are not looking favorably on their neighbors China and South Korea amid Japan's political turmoil and deadlocked diplomacy. Experts warn there may be greater damage to people-to-people ties between the neighbors, as Japan's mid-December general election may further fan the flames of nationalism.

The nation brand logo is not a new logo for the government, but instead a promotional logo for the UAE that shall be used to tell its story through numerous applications such as national advertisements, regional and international promotional events, TV shows, printed materials, etc.

“Today, we have uploaded a collection of UAE nation brand logos, which were proposed during the last Cabinet session. The UAE nation brand logo will promote the UAE & tell its story to the world. I want all of you to choose the design you think is best. All the relevant entities shall coordinate to use the logo to communicate the qualities of the UAE in areas like economy, culture & tourism.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity," says Afshin Molavi... "Their handling of their 'soft power' in Iraq is a case in point. Their poll numbers are dwindling, and not only among Sunnis, but also among Shia. They are increasingly seen as heavy-handed and interfering.

August 19, 2011

Polling for self-understanding. Opinion research has the role of giving the entire society, and groups within it, a better understanding of their cultural identities and where they stand on various issues. Opinion research consistently finds that familiarity breeds, not contempt, but appreciation.