Speaking at the plaque-unveiling ceremony, representative of Portuguese science and technology and higher education minister Joao Queiroz said he believed the new institute would not only make a remarkable contribution to the dissemination of the Chinese language and culture, but would also further deepen the cooperation between Portugal and China.

October 18, 2015

The ninth edition of the Delhi International Arts Festival opened with enchanting dance and cultural performances by national and international artistes.  [...] DIAF is seen as India’s signature arts and cultural festival which also provides a significant platform for cultural diplomacy, projecting India as a cultural powerhouse and enhancing diplomatic relations with other countries. 

Despite hundreds of years of violent colonial relations with Portugal, these nations all adopted Portuguese as their official language and collaborate with Brazil, Portugal, and East Timor to make up the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLC). The CPLC aims to foster diplomacy and political cooperation among member states and to promote the Portuguese language.

Moved by the child's plight, Portugal's soccer federation donated some 40,000 euros to build Martunis and his surviving family a new house. Cristiano Ronaldo, now a global superstar but then still a rising talent, paid Martunis a visit in 2005 and met him a few instances thereafter.

Iran and Portugal have signed a cultural agreement to boost and reinforce bilateral cultural relations.  Pointing to the 500-year-old relationship between Iran and Portugal, the Iranian culture minister said, “This relation is unique and needs to be reinforced, and this cultural agreement helps promote the ties.”

Portugal's secretary of state for culture, Jorge Barreto Xavier, initiated an official visit to China on Friday to enhance cultural relations between both countries.

Sinology conferences are usually lacklustre affairs where scholars talk about anything from burial rituals in the Han dynasty to Tang poetry. However, a recent European sinology conference in Portugal has turned into a completely scandalous event thanks to some Chinese officials.