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These measured steps of 'Afghanisation' ought to prompt Delhi to contemplate what role India can play. Clearly, Delhi should focus on economic and political rather than military engagement in Afghanistan to bolster long term security in that country and in the region.

Political scientist Zardusht Alizade commented on the situation around the Armenian-Turkish process, as well as the Karabakh problem. "The USA is behaving like a gangster. They behave very arrogantly towards smaller countries..."

Although the issue of anti-Indianism in Nepal exists prominently, it has not received proper attention of scholars and politicians in either Nepal or India. In Nepal it has become a fashion to blame anti-Indianism on Panchayat (1962-1992), where as the Indians see it as China’s growing influence (and interference) in Nepali politics.

I was on a panel on Friday at the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy. There is both good news and bad news in this critical area of the use of soft power. The good news is that after only a year in office, the Obama Administration has greatly improved the world’s view of America.

April 21, 2010

In thinking on this notion of hidden power, I’m amazed that with all the talk since 9/11 of soft, then smart power strategies, its incredible that there’s nary a mention of the sources of hidden power in our public diplomacy efforts.

As April 24 approaches, Armenians and Turks will once again be watching U.S. President Barack Obama to see how he describes this day of remembrance for the 1915 mass killings and deportations of Ottoman Armenians.

China's image...has witnessed an improvement globally, according to a new poll. Of the 27 countries polled on China under a BBC-sponsored survey, 41 per cent viewed the nation as having a positive influence on the world, two points up from previous year...

Singh said Pakistan's 'shrewd diplomacy' has outsmarted the UPA Government in recent significant diplomatic developments pertaining to India's strategic interests.