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What differentiates political communication and public diplomacy? CPD Blog Contributor Kadir Jun Ayhan offers suggestions to better define PD 

All told, the Kingdom’s prioritization of its economic reform agenda, its interdependence with regional trade partners, and political uncertainty in the United States point to a period of heightened focus on Asia ties in the immediate future. However, Vision 2030’s dizzying ambition of overhauling subsidies and public sector reliance, coupled with channeling a massive, increasingly well-educated youth population into a fledgling knowledge economy, will necessitate that the Saudis cast a wide net to capture as much foreign investment and diversified revenue as possible. 

This renewed “commercial diplomacy” between the United States and Africa in the Obama administration has coincided with a rise in U.S. investment into Africa. Between 2009 and 2013, U.S. goods and service exports to Africa grew 40 percent and totaled $50.2 billion.

Reframing the globe through a new lens

Cari Guittard shares her approach for global engagement.