Romanian ambassador to Baku Daniel Cristian Ciobanu took part in a two-day meeting dedicated to NATO public diplomacy activities in partner countries on February 23-24. [...] Ambassador Ciobanu participated in the event within the mandate Romanian diplomatic mission is fulfilling as NATO Contact Point Embassy in Azerbaijan for the 4th time in a row.

Two friends start climbing the world’s peaks, higher and higher. During the process, they discover the mountains inside them. [...] The two men are the creators of Adventure Diplomacy, a project that wants to combine networking with mountain climbing.

Romanian Ambassador in Baku Daniel Cristian Ciobanu has praised Azerbaijan`s cooperation with NATO as he addressed a reception marking the completion of the first year of the fourth NATO Contact Point Embassy mandate. [...] Since the early 1990s, NATO has developed a network of Contact Point Embassies (CPE) to support the Alliance’s partnership and public diplomacy activities in partner countries. 

The Embassies Festival, organized by ESCU Association, under the auspices of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, celebrated world cultural diplomacy with the slogan “Open Your Culture.” The Embassy of Morocco in Bucharest took part, highlighting Morocco’s exotic tourist attractions and various aspects of Morocco’s culture and handicrafts.

Fifty embassies, cultural institutes and international organizations will participate September 1 through 5 in the "Open Your Culture" Embassies' Festival aimed at promoting cultural diversity and the art of the countries with diplomatic missions in Romania. 

Romanian students from Babadag, Bistrita and Botosani visited Norway to showcase their successful advocacy campaigns and to see how democracy mechanism work in Norway. Nine students from Dimitrie Cantemir (Babadag), Colegiul National Liviu Rebreanu, Colegiul Tehnic Infoel (Bistrita) and Colegiul National Mihai Eminescu (Botosani), together with their teachers, made a study visit to Oslo in the period of 16-21 May, under a program designed to present their advocacy works, familiarize them with the rule of law, democracy and the mechanisms that ensure the functioning of good governance.

Romania exerts soft power in Moldova.  Moldovan government keen to get closer to European Union.  Russia warns against move westwards.  Some Moldovans wary of Moscow, others of Bucharest

Russia under President Vladimir Putin doesn't rely much on soft power to get its way abroad, in the same way it doesn't do much liberal democracy at home. It does, however, do manipulation, and Europe is only just waking up to how much and how well.