A new Great Wall cuts off the Chinese Internet from the world. The scope of misinformation spewed out by China surpasses the wildest dreams of Russia's state-controlled Channel One television.

The Russians thought that the way forward was to give tech companies some money and put them near a great university. Presto: a new silicon valley. For their part, the American delegation assumed that you could pour in some social networking and create a civil society.

March 21, 2010

Ukraine's severe economic woes are one of the largest reasons why Kiev is so willing to court Beijing as a strategic partner. Many analysts thought that Russia would be Ukraine’s main source of bailout funds...

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India & National Gallery of Modern Art celebrate Indo-Russian Cultural Relations by mounting a special exhibition titled “Nicholas Roerich: An Eternal Quest” at Jaipur House, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, that will be on view till April 11, 2010.

In Russian political circles, Barack Obama's election tended to evoke two different reactions. Many officials were curious to see what new deals he would offer, but others, in the tradition of the Cold War, dismissed him as just the latest mouthpiece of the old American élites.

March 15, 2010

Broadly speaking, New Delhi and Moscow have both tended to calibrate the bilateral thermostat with an eye on the temperature in Washington. When the U.S. tries to cosy up to either power, India and Russia are quite happy to take for granted, if not forget, each other.

A collection of artifacts from Moscow’s Kremlin Palace has gone on view at İstanbul’s Topkapı Palace Museum, offering a glimpse into the fascinating lifestyles led by Russian czars during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits New Delhi this week hoping to seal military cooperation deals worth around $4 billion (2.9bn euros). But experts says there will be more than just contracts up for grabs.