January 5, 2015

It would seem that now, these young Iranians have a president willing to listen to them. (...) The current president promises to bring about the removal of all boycotts against Iran, and is not afraid of Facebook. But he, too, must tread carefully through the Iranian minefield.

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati says that the best way to fight against Iranophobia and Shiaphobia is the clever usage of Iran’s soft power.

Western governments will reluctantly consider an extension of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program should world powers fail to clinch a comprehensive deal by November 24 – a move Israel would support, sources told The Jerusalem Post this week.

First secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Tehran Tomohiro Nakagaki said that his country is keen to hold another cultural week in Tehran in the near future.  He met with Niavaran Cultural Center Director Seyyed Abbas Sajjadi in Tehran, and his plan for holding the cultural week was discussed during the meeting, the center announced in a press release on Monday.

Many were surprised last week when the government of President Hassan Rouhani donated $400,000 to the Dr. Sapir Hospital, but Dr. Morsadegh was not among them.

“We Jews are a part of Iran’s history,” he said. “What is important is that Mr. Rouhani makes big news out of supporting us. He is showing that we, as a religious minority, are part of this country, too.”

November 4 is the 34th anniversary of the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran by Islamist students who held 52 U.S. diplomats hostage for 444 days. The 1979 crisis triggered a break in diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States and led to decades of mutual hostility. Today, the former embassy building houses a museum that is only occasionally open to the public. Here's a rare look inside the historic site.

[A statement] said the move followed a decision by French authorities not to send for exhibition in Tehran several items from the Louvres' collections, although Tehran has twice loaned items to Paris for exhibits as agreed under a 2004 accord.