Ertugrul Apakan, Turkey's ambassador to the UN, said here Thursday that his country has offered "unwavering support and determination" to help Palestine reach the goal of statehood, Xinhua reported.

A hulking sculpture meant to promote reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia became an accidental emblem of their historic enmity after workers erected scaffolding towers and began to demolish it this week.

On Friday we had a stimulating debate in İstanbul on how to better promote Turkish-Italian ties by giving a positive boost to mutual perceptions that were often tainted by misconceptions, stereotypes or even prejudice stemming from lack of knowledge.

In the context of the Libyan civil war and unfolding revolutions across the Arab region, Turkey is stepping up efforts to make its mark as a role model and diplomatic broker. EurActiv Turkey contributed to this article.

Last week, I participated in an official visit to Indonesia with the president of Turkey, Abdullah Gül. I was told that Mr. Gül often asks academics to accompany him during official visits abroad and this time it was my turn.

The crisis in Libya was full of lessons for all sides involved. Turkey understood that it does not have the power to act without the European Union or the United States; and Europe understood that without Turkey it is unable to conduct effective politics in some regions.

Dr. Maitha Salem Al Shamsi, Minister of State has underlined the role of public diplomacy in globalizing world of interdependence.

Turkey spends millions of dollars every year promoting its image as a bridge between the East and the West, but a top expert in “nation branding” says it’s not about communication or promotion, but concrete policies.