A new Turkish cultural center joins airline flights and radio and television broadcasts in expanding the country's reach around the globe, with a UK office on the way and more planned for Moscow and Damascus.

"Despite our continuous diplomatic efforts, ultimately the Turkish government did not prevent the attempt by the Marmara to violate the naval blockade..." It was Netanyahu's most explicit public account of behind-the-scenes diplomacy that in the end failed to avert the clash.

July 28, 2010

The dramatic expansion of Turkey's influence is more than just the product of a hyper-active foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu... Turkey is doing what the European Union stopped doing when it ran into trouble over its expansion. It is using its soft power effectively.

...Asif Riza Mir, producer of the Pakistani TV series "Yariyan" (Friendships) and "Hal-i Dil" (State of the Heart) said Pakistani TV producers had decided to shoot their series in Istanbul as it was a well-known in Pakistan for its unique beauty. "I am happy that I influenced more than 50 million Pakistanis to love Istanbul," Mir said.

Baku continues to view the lock on that border as its own success, an outcome of its active and public diplomacy.

As diplomatic efforts to resolve political disputes continue in the Caucasus, civil society groups from countries in the region are working on projects that they hope will help bring hostile nations together.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul likes to walk, and where he goes, businessmen often follow. Gul likes the idea, probably more than his bodyguards, that the leader of a country whose foreign policy goal is to have no enemies and do business wherever it can is an unlikely target for anyone other than Kurdish militants back home.

The Turkish and Armenian Youth Orchestra is gathering for peace in Turkey. A total of 70 people will come together for three concerts. This is not diplomacy or football, it’s young people meeting in an international environment based in music, says the orchestra’s conductor, Nvart Andreasyan.