In leading foreign ministries the digital age is producing dramatic change. Every day a single American diplomat communicates with more than a quarter of a million Indonesians using Facebook. Australia's diplomatic service, by contrast, doesn't even use social media in Indonesia.

The office of 84-year-old Queen Elizabeth II announced on Sunday that she is launching her own page on Facebook. The page will feature videos, photos and news updates about the long-serving British monarch. Facebook users will be able send messages to Buckingham Palace, and leave comments on the Queen's pages...

Alarge part of a diplomat's role and mission is to reach out to and engage with the citizens of his or her host country. Traditionally, this has involved cultural events, receptions and business exchanges. But with the advent of Web 2.0, an increasing number of diplomats are turning to the Internet and social media...

November 2, 2010

In only seven months, Hugo Chavez has passed 1,000,000 followers on Twitter. He announced the accomplishment this morning.

Last Friday, an official accompanying President Aquino in his state visit to Vietnam was criticized for comments posted on Twitter. Carmen Mislang, who holds the rank of assistant secretary in the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office, tweeted that the wine served at a dinner hosted by Vietnam "sucks"...

The official portal of Hon'ble CM Narendra Modi ( got the prestigious eGov 2.0 award for the ‘Most innovative use of social Media'. There were more than 400 entries for this prestigious award, The other two recipients in this category were Ministry of External Affairs' Public Diplomacy Division and Delhi Traffic Police.

Last Tuesday 215,646 Internet users in Iran evaded their regime to visit sites such as Facebook, Twitter and, the U.S.-funded Persian-language news service.

October 20, 2010

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, is visiting Qom, the religious epicenter of Iran and the residence of most of the country's top religious authorities. But a little known fact is that the office of the supreme leader has a Twitter account that is providing updates and links, including pictures, from his visit.