The Australia Council for the Arts has announced that nine established Aboriginal Art Curators are taking part in an international exchange program at the 57th Biennale in Venice. Ozco's Executive Director Strategic Development and Advocacy, Dr Wendy Were explained that the First Nations Curators Program at the 2017 Venice Biennale builds on the First Nations Curators Exchanges held at 8th Asia Pacific Triennial in 2015 and in New Zealand in 2017 involving Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians.

Explore the history of the Venice Biennale, the so-called "Olympics of the Art" world, in this new video. 

Hungary will make every effort to support Hungarian designers and prepare them for competition in the job market” – said Monika Balatoni, State Secretary for Cultural Diplomacy of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade yesterday, at the opening of the Vienna Design Week, an international design festival. Lasting until 5 October, the event is the biggest design festival of Austria and this year’s guest is Hungary.

Venice gets 20 million visitors every year - but soon tourists may have to pay just to visit the city.  Locals are tired of day trippers who do not spend much money in the city, so now the authorities are proposing a daily fee of $40.

A recording has surfaced online purporting to be a leaked conversation between two Russian ambassadors discussing which parts of the world they would like to annex after Crimea.

"Ballot" is not originally an English word: It comes from the Venetian word ballotta, or "little ball." For centuries, councils elected the Doge of Venice, who ruled the city-state, with small silver and gold balls. Now Venetians have put their modern equivalent to good use in a bid to declare independence from Italy. And they have a pretty good case to make for restoring their once-mighty republic.

There's clearly something about March that makes people think about secession. While Crimea monopolized the front pages when its residents voted to secede from Ukraine, Venetians were taking an online poll on whether they wanted to quit Italy and turn their Italian region of Veneto into its own country.