We all share a deep belief in the ability of people from different backgrounds and experiences to find common ground if they just have the opportunity to sit together and talk. Simple interactions can have enormous power.

India is seeking the help of young parliamentarians from Africa to increase the outreach of a unique private-public partnership to increase collaboration between the youth in India and the world, especially from the continent.

It’s not a freedom fighter atop a tank but a young bohemian woman in Benghazi reviving a carnival banned by Gaddafi and singing songs of protest. Ann Marlowe reports on an extraordinary utopian moment in the free city.

Journalist Atem, who wants to keep her identity obscure, writes of Libyan life without Moammar Gadhafi. Atem is 17 years old. Before the uprising began, she was finishing her last year in high school and acting very much her age.

April 13, 2011

Under normal circumstances, Terry Hardy, 18, of Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Noy Ilan, 17, of Rishon Lezion would have never met and would have never had anything in common. But the brutal acts of terrorism that struck both their families changed their lives forever...

Indian diplomacy is set to make friends and woo youngsters by joining the social networking platform. The latest entrant to join Facebook is the Indian embassy in Kathmandu, one of the biggest Indian missions abroad...

New USCCD member organization Global Citizen Year (GCY) defines itself as a citizen diplomacy organization by providing recent high school graduates with the opportunity to spend a 'bridge year' working in a developing country before they move on to attend college.