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Game elements that fit under public diplomacy

Oct 15, 2005


I’ve been trying to come up with a design to test and existing game to see if there are elements within it that would fall under the definition of public diplomacy.

Initially, I looked at Civilizations and noted a list of the following general items:
1. World history facts
2. Mentions of culture
3. Mentions of foreign countries
4. Mentions of global areas
5. Mentions of world literature
6. Diplomacy option
7. Negotiation option
8. Concepts of reputation
9. Peace option
10. Structures: embassy, mutual protection pact, trade agreements, espionage
11. Differences in race

I am also looking at Medal of Honor. I will be entering the online gaming community shortly and will hopefully be able to add cross-cultural communication, shared tasks, conflict negotiation, community.

Now how to test if exposure to these items makes an impact on the individual?


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