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In light of the tragic death of Ambassador Stevens, Ambassador Kmiec- who resigned from his ambassadorship early this year- has stepped forward to offer help to the US Embassy in Libya. Ambassador Kmiec represents a renewed effort to opening lines of inter-faith diplomacy that may avert the spark of violence over religious ignorance and hateful publications without sensitivity to beliefs different from our own.

The Qatar-based news channel was often denounced after the Iraq invasion by right-wing pundits in the U.S. as “enemy media”. Since then, though, Al Jazeera has expanded in both Arabic and English; on TV and online. But now it’s facing financial pressure. As it scales back in some operations, its expanding on others, specifically in the world of sport. The clip includes remarks by Philip Seib.

In the wake of the events that have occurred in the Middle East as a response to an American citizen’s film, the State Department has released a short video via YouTube of President Obama and Secretary Clinton addressing the United States’ position on the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. The video is a montage of powerful images united by statements made by the President and Secretary. The remarks are accompanied by Arabic subtitles.

Public Diplomacy is the process of government and individual outreach to citizens of other nations. As such, public diplomacy is an important tool in impacting the perceptions and view that others have of the United States. Dr. Christopher Lamb and Fletcher Schoen, authors of a new report discuss the importance of a comprehensive public diplomacy effort that utilizes capabilities across the government at The Heritage Foundation.

In the weeks leading to Election Day, the Elliott School’s Web Video Initiative will post a series of videos that explore the major foreign policy issues facing the next U.S. president. Each installment will feature an Elliott School faculty expert outlining the greatest challenges in their field. In this video, Stephen Biddle, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, discusses the challenges faced by the next U.S. President in winding down the war in Afghanistan.

The State Department is now collaborating with the James Beard Foundation, to create the first ever Diplomatic Culinary Partnership Initiative. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers the welcome address to kick of the program, which will emphasize the role of culinary engagement. Over 50 prominent American chefs will travel overseas to participate in public diplomacy programs as well as cook for foreign diplomats.

The National Conversation is a joint production of The Wilson Center and NPR. Together, they provide a forum for deep dialogue and informed discussion. Non-partisan and civil, The National Conversation provides the level of discourse the nation deserves through a thoughtful and challenging exploration of the most significant problems facing the nation and the world.

MPD Alums Paul Rockower and Matthew Wallin discuss cultural diplomacy in Iraq. Rockower recently returned from the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where he worked with American Voices’ Youth Excellence on Stage (YES) Academy. Listen in to hear more about how cultural diplomacy and better overseas communication are national security imperatives for the U.S.