CPD's non-residential faculty fellowship is comprised of international scholars dedicated to exploring and enriching the study and practice of public diplomacy. Each is actively engaged in CPD research, training or programming.

Amara Aguilar
USC Annenberg

Anthony Bailey
VP for Global Initiatives, USC

Robert Banks
USC Annenberg

Corneliu Bjola
University of Oxford

Caitlin Byrne
Griffith Asia Institute

Mina Chow
USC School of Architecture

Geoffrey Cowan
USC Annenberg

Nicholas J. Cull
USC Annenberg

Kathy Fitzpatrick
University of South Florida

Robeson Taj Frazier
USC Annenberg

Vince Gonzales
USC Annenberg

G. Thomas Goodnight
USC Annenberg

Bruce Gregory
George Washington University

Robert Hernandez
USC Annenberg

Tom Hollihan
USC Annenberg

Jeong-Nam Kim
University of Oklahoma

Josh Kun
USC Annenberg

Matthew Le Veque
USC Annenberg




Jan Melissen

Najmedin Meshkati
USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Erik Nisbet
Northwestern University School of Communication

James Pamment
Lund Univeristy

Michael Parks
USC Annenberg

Katarzyna Pisarska
Warsaw School of Economics

Adam Clayton Powell, III
USC Annenberg

Alison Dundes Renteln
USC Dornsife

Patricia Riley
USC Annenberg

Philip Seib
USC Annenberg

Varun Soni
Dean of Religious Life, USC

Pamela Starr
US-Mexico Network, USC

Vivian Walker
U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Rebecca Weintraub
USC Annenberg

Ernest James Wilson III
USC Annenberg

Diane Winston
USC Annenberg

Aimei Yang
USC Annenberg

R.S. Zaharna
American University