Students in USC's pioneering Masters of Public Diplomacy Program (MPD) as well as various related disciplines are an integral and indispensable part of CPD's work. To find out more specifics re: CPD's student engagement, click here.

Ways that students contribute and collaborate with CPD include the following:

  • As Student Interns - providing research, website, publicity and programming support
  • The CPD Student Fellowship - provides a prestigious paid internship at CPD for outstanding graduate students entering USC Annenberg
  • Summer Associates Program - assists with internship placement for select MPD students 
  • The CPD Blog - posting their unique insights into public diplomacy questions of our time
  • PD Magazine - the student-run semi-annual publication produced by the Society of Public Diplomats (SPD) is published with the support of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, the MPD program and the USC Dornsife School of International Relations
  • Events - CPD partners with various student organizations to bring the most interesting speakers to campus
  • Travel to KoreaIndiaChinaBrazil, Indonesia and beyond - CPD has offered support and a blogging platform to MPD students traveling as a group to do PD field research
  • APDS Annual Conference - financial and in-kind support is provided by CPD to mount these thematic student-run conferences 
  • CPD Doctoral Dissertation Grants - are intended to recognize and support the work of emerging scholars from around the world engaged in cutting-edge research on public diplomacy
  • CPD Doctoral Conferences - established in 2016 as a platform for international scholars to present their research and engage with a network of academics and practitioners.


See what students are saying about CPD here:

As a research intern and blog manager, working at CPD has been an invaluable addition to my experience as an MPD student. In my internship, I was able to delve into a research question I was passionate about with a senior State Department Public Diplomat. Moreover, being blog manager has given me professional skills and practice in content management and communication with PD academics and practitioners. 

~ David Mandel, MPD '13, CPD Blog Manager & CPD Public Diplomat-in-Residence Research Intern 

My CPD internship experience broadened my perspectives on public diplomacy and media coverage of PD-related issues. As a contributing researcher to PDiN (now PD News), I researched and posted national and international news clips related to the many themes that fall under the wide umbrella of "public diplomacy." This turned out to be valuable in my schoolwork as well, as I was able to draw upon current events and divergent views of PD in discussions and papers. I also very much enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to the work of CPD, which is highly regarded as a go-to source for thousands of international scholars, practitioners and other PD aficionados alike.

 ~ Taleen Ananian, MPD ’11, PD News (Formerly PDiN) Contributing Researcher