AI in Public Diplomacy – 2023 Roundup of CPD Resources

CPD and our community of public diplomacy experts are steadily creating a body of research and analysis on the role of artificial intelligence in public diplomacy. As we reflect on how AI is poised to reshape the field of public diplomacy, we share notable readings and presentations from the CPD research network during the past year.

City Buildings

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into an Embassy's Workflows

Featuring: Alexander Hunt and Jay Wang
CPD hosted 2023 Ameri Prize Winner Alexander Hunt, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Guinea, for an online conversation on AI.

Police Car

AI and the Future of Public Diplomacy

By: Vivian Walker
Can artificial intelligence be a force for good in the practice of public diplomacy, despite the risks?  

City Buildings

The AI Moves In: ChatGPT's Impact on Digital Diplomacy 

By: Ilan Manor
CPD Research Fellow Ilan Manor indicates how AIs, without proper regulation, can pose a series of challenges to public diplomacy.

American Cube

The AI Revolution

By: Emilio Ferrara 
USC Annenberg Professor Emilio Ferrara discusses spotting AI-generated content, safeguards on AI, and tips for public diplomacy practitioners. 

Book Cover

City Diplomacy Current Trends and Future Prospects

By: Sohaela Amiri and Efe Sevin
CPD Research Associate Sohaela Amiri and Efe Sevin's book presents theoretical and analytical approaches to the study of city diplomacy.

City Network

America’s Cities on the World Stage

By: Kyle Hutzler
Kyle Hutzler's CPD Perspectives examines how American cities are deepening their international engagement.


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