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City Diplomacy, Theoretical & Analytical Approaches

"City Diplomacy: Current Trends and Future Prospects", part of the Palgrave Macmillan Series in Global Public Diplomacy, discusses the growing relevance of city diplomacy in International Affairs. Edited by CPD Research Associate Sohaela Amiri and CPD Blog Contributor and Assistant Professor of Public Relations at Towson University Efe Sevin, click here to pick up the latest issue in the series.

This book provides the public diplomacy community with new and diverse perspectives regarding how diplomacy is being conducted at the municipal level. With contributing authors coming from varying geographic locations, academic specializations and practitioner backgrounds, readers are offered a multi-disciplinary analysis and insight into how cities interact with countries, NGOs, and foreign publics .

Amiri and Sevin write that the relationship between diplomacy and cities is foundational, as "at its root, public diplomacy is about the connections that form between people and between people and foreign governments. Cities are the first physical spaces where foreign publics come to interacts with a a country, and its people.”

In covering city diplomacy, this book takes on a leading role in the study of a field that is increasingly relevant on the global level as well in the lives of citizens that interact daily with foreign entities. Listed below are chapters by insightful commentators and scholars in the field of public diplomacy, while also touching upon various other disciplines, including communications, international relations, and more:

  • Introduction: City Diplomacy (Sohaela Amiri & Efe Sevin)

  • Beyond Networking? The Agency of City Network Secretariats in the Realm of City Diplomacy (Emma Lecavalier & David J. Gordon)

  • Cacophony or Complementarity? The Expanding Ecosystem of City Networks Under Scrutiny (Hannah Abdullah & Eva Garcia-Chueca)

  • Marine Protection as Polycentric Governance: The PEMSEA Network of Local Governments (Benjamin Leffel)

  • A Framework of City Diplomacy on Positive Outcomes and Negative Emotional Engagement: How to Enhance the International Role of Cities and City/Mayor Branding on Twitter? (Bruno Asdourian & Diana Ingenhoff)

  • Museums as Actors of City Diplomacy: From “Hard” Assets to “Soft” Power (Natalia Grincheva)

  • Un-nation Branding: The Cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israeli Soft Power (Rhys Crilley & Ilan Manor)

  • Do Cities Leverage Summits to Enhance Their Image Online? Examining the Twittersphere of the Inaugural U20 Mayoral Summit, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Andrea Insch)

  • How Are Cities Inserting Themselves in the International System? (Ray Lara)

  • Strategies for Enhancing EU City Diplomacy (Tamara Espiñeira-Guirao)

  • Making US MOIA Sustainable Institutions for Conducting City Diplomacy by Protecting Their Precarious Values (Sohaela Amiri)

  • The Branding of Singapore as City of International Peace Dialogue (Hun Shik Kim & Seow Ting Lee)

  • Paradiplomacy and City Branding: The Case of Medellín, Colombia (2004–2019) (Eika Auschner, Liliana Lotera Álvarez & Laura Álvarez Pérez)

  • City Diplomacy in Young Democracies: The Case of the Baltics (Valentina Burksiene, Jaroslav Dvorak, Gabrielė Burbulytė-Tsiskarishvili)

  • Turku (Finland) as a Case Study in the City Diplomacy of Small Urban Centers, 1971–2011 (Louis Clerc)

If you would like to purchase the book as either an e-book or hardcover, click here to be directed to the publisher's website. If you are looking for specific information, chapters are available to be purchased individually.


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