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CPD Research Fellow Dmitry Chernobrov explores how states and proxy actors use humor as part of their public diplomacy. 

Over the next five years, sports diplomacy scholars and practitioners will be watching one city in particular—Los Angeles.


Xavier University's Shearon Roberts explores how Black women elected officials are reframing our understanding of public diplomacy.

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy convened in Los Angeles on March 30 the 3rd CPD Summit on City Diplomacy.

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy will convene in Los Angeles on March 30-31 the 3rd CPD Summit on City Diplomacy. 

December 4, 2022

From Los Angeles to Dubai, CPD explores what makes for effective public diplomacy and develops strategies to increase its impact.

City buildings, city diplomacy, image via iStock
November 10, 2022

A list of literature on city diplomacy since 2021 with implications for practice and theory.

Nagasaki City View from Glover Garden, Nagasaki 2014, 日本語: グラバー園から望む長崎市街地(長崎市、2014年(平成26年)7月) by Tomio344456 via Wikimedia Commons

Small cities become globally involved often due to historical connections or a local specialization, writes Daniel Clausen of Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies.