Call for Papers: First-Ever CPD Doctoral Conference on Public Diplomacy

CPD Doctoral Conference on Public Diplomacy
University of Southern California
October 14, 2016 


Governments and non-state actors are increasingly embracing public diplomacy as an indispensable tool for enhancing their soft power and increasing their global influence. There is growing interest among young and emerging scholars in focusing on this field. To recognize and support the work of doctoral students, and as part of its commitment to advancing the study of public diplomacy, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy (CPD) will be hosting the first-ever Doctoral Conference on Public Diplomacy in Fall 2016, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Paper Submission:

Submission is open to a wide range of topics and methodological approaches under the broad rubric of public diplomacy. We encourage submissions that are closely aligned with the Center’s current research initiatives listed below. A 500-word abstract and CV should be submitted by May 30, 2016, via email, to

Current CPD Research Initiatives:

Rising Soft Power in a Multipolar World
This initiative explores the practices and trends in global engagement in emerging markets of varying political persuasions, including, but not limited to, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, and Turkey.
Global Youth and the Next Generation of U.S. Public Diplomacy
Given global demographic shifts and emergent digital technologies, keeping a pulse on how the next generation views the United States is critical to the country’s public diplomacy and international engagement.
Public Diplomacy Performance and Evaluation in the Digital Age
Accurately evaluating public diplomacy activities continues to prove challenging to practitioners around the world. This thematic area focuses on conceptualizing PD evaluation as an integral part of strategic planning and providing analytic tools to assist those conducting public diplomacy.
Public Diplomacy and Global Development
This research program explores frameworks for understanding the relationship between international development and public diplomacy and the role non-state actors can play in the process. Examples include analysis of water diplomacy, corporate diplomacy efforts and specific international aid projects.

Note: Applicants will be notified in August, if their abstracts are accepted, and are required to submit full papers by September 15, 2016. Accepted papers may be eligible for publication in the CPD Perspectives series. Additionally, some funding for lodgings may be available for doctoral students presenting at the conference. For questions or more information, please email

CPD also offers an annual Dissertation Grant. For more information on this opportunity, click here.


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