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CPD Director Highlights New Directions for Global Branding Research

As global audiences and consumers shift toward an era of cultural mobility, a new research review by CPD Director Jay Wang published in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication (July 2022) identifies the key streams of global branding research as a means to suggest new analytical lenses and untapped potential in this growing field of study. 

Contemporary discourse about global branding deals with the fluid nature of cross-national and cross-cultural overlap and variation due to globalization, technology and the changing geopolitical economy. “Global Branding: A Research Review” addresses the contemporary business environment for global branding, analyzes key topics and conceptual frameworks presented by scholars, and concludes with a study of current research gaps and implications for future inquiry.

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication provides in-depth, up-to-date reviews of key topics in the study of communication. It is part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia program to develop comprehensive collections of peer-reviewed summaries on major areas of research by the world’s leading scholars and researchers.

Access “Global Branding: A Research Review” in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication (Jon Nussbaum, editor) published by Oxford University Press (New York and Oxford, July 2022) here. Subscription required.


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