Digital Diplomacy as Transmedia Engagement

James Pamment, a global communications scholar from the University of Texas, Austin and a CPD Research Fellow, has published a new article in the April 2015 issue of New Media & Society. The article Digital Diplomacy as Transmedia Engagement: Aligning Theories of Participatory Culture with International Advocacy Campaigns addresses the policies, strategies and processes of contemporary diplomatic advocacy campaigns. Looking specifically at the Campaign to End Sexual Violence in Conflict (ESVC), Pamment assesses the impact of shared values, digital technologies and multiple stakeholders on public diplomacy programming. As Pamment observes, the ESVC campaign “represents a zeitgeist of the evolving practice of diplomacy,” a melding of formal diplomatic practices and creative, participatory media that “adapt the secretive world of diplomacy to the…public sphere.” 

The full article is available here


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