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Examining the EU's Cultural Relations Strategy

Tamás Szűcs' working paper "The Challenges of an EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations in a Multipolar World" analyzes the "Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council: Towards an EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations." Szücs explores the policy's effectiveness and looks at the importance of the document in today's post-Brexit society. According to the author, "The Joint Communication can also be interpreted as a timely reminder to uphold the fundamental values of European integration even under very difficult circumstances[.]"

Szücs also examines the broader importance of cultural diplomacy for the European Union and looks at the quest for global influence among world powers. According to the author, "Investigating how the EU could be positioned among world powers in the intensifying race for soft power in the twenty-first century, the paper argues that Member States can only influence these global movements by acting together."

The paper was published as part of the European University Institute's Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Global Governance Programme. It can be found here on the SSRN website.

Photo via Evan Bench I CC BY 2.0



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