The Global Vote

"For the first time in history, anybody on earth can vote in the election of any country on earth."

This is the opening line that greets visitors to The Global Vote, a new website aimed at measuring international opinion. It was founded by Simon Anholt, creator of the Good Country Index, which ranks countries according to what they give and take relative to their size in the world. By taking stock of who global audiences are voting for, the project hopes to create the need for candidates with "a clear policy for their country’s role in the world and a vision of how they will co-operate and collaborate with other leaders and other populations." This in turn will produce leaders that act not just in the best interests of their nation, but for the world at large.

The latest Global Vote is for the new UN Secretary-General, which is more of an appointment than an election in reality. The process is known to be opaque and convoluted, and thus, knowing the people's choice in the matter is all the more important. The Global Vote believes that the world's next chief diplomat should be elected by the world. For those who want to add their voice, the polls are open.

THE GLOBAL VOTE #maketheworldwork | | @simonanholt


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