GlobalXplorer's Citizen Scientists

Archaeology from space is now a reality thanks to GlobalXplorer, an online platform that merges science diplomacy with preservation efforts, allowing internet users to find new archaeological sites via satellite imagery. The longer users spend on the site, the more rewards they collect: “from rich content about Peru, to secret behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, to actual leveling up. Eventually, users have the opportunity to join archaeologists (virtually) for on-the-ground digs.”

Launched by 2016 TED Prize winner and National Geographic Fellow Dr. Sarah Parcak, GlobalXplorer began in Peru, in partnership with the Sustainable Preservation Initiative (SPI). Not only does Parcak plan to go global with this network of citizen explorers, but she also aims to open field schools to guide archaeological preservation on the ground, found an archaeological institute, and launch a satellite designed with archaeology in mind.

Parcak’s GlobalXplorer TED Talk is available here.

Hunting for Peru's lost civilizations -- with satellites | Sarah Parcak


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