Meeting between Moon Jae-in and Vladimir Putin

Olga Krasnyak on how understanding different diplomatic styles is essential to creating a solid relationship. 

Hunting for Peru's lost civilizations -- with satellites | Sarah Parcak

A new online tool enlists citizen scientists to help archaeologists.

The show, called 'Sapno ki Baraat', was organized by the Society for Peoples' Awareness, Care & Empowerment (SPACE), an organization dedicated to working for the marginalized sections of society. [...] "LGBT rights are a part of the Netherlands' commitment to human rights. To this end, we support this program, which, we hope, will help improve things for the community in India," he said.

India will launch its first space mission to Mars this year, President PranabMukherjee said on Thursday. "Several space missions are planned for 2013, including India's first mission to Mars and the launch of our first navigational satellite,"

Earth's least likely space-going nation reached further into the stars last week, when Nigeria shot its third and fourth satellites into orbit, including the first satellite built by Africans. From their exospheric perch, the two will map one of humanity's final frontiers: Lagos. The vast megalopolis, home to between nine and 17 million people, is a constantly-shifting phenomenon in urban non-planning.

The Space Needle turns 50 next year and is hoping to capitalize on, if not refurbish, its image as a symbol of the future. The tower was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, at the dawn of the space age. The “Space Race” sweepstakes, coming just as NASA’s space shuttle program has ended, hopes to highlight the work of private companies that are picking up where NASA left off.

Vibrant science and technology (S&T) enterprises form the basis of U.S.-India economic growth and strengthen our strategic partnership. While governments play a role in enabling joint S&T activities, active and innovative collaboration in S&T, health, and innovation relies on the efforts of businesses, scientists and institutions in both countries.