Korea and Japan Engage in Cultural Diplomacy

Japan and Korea have referred to cultural diplomacy to ease the ongoing diplomatic feud over a number of historical and territorial disputes. Yun Byung-se, Korean Foreign Minister, and Koro Bessho, Japanese Ambassador to Korea, attended the Korea-Japan Festival in Seoul on Sunday, September 14, 2014. On the sideline of the event, the two diplomats discussed ways to mend their strained ties. In an Interview with Arirang News, Yun Byung-se suggested that holding frequent cultural events can help improve the relations not only between Japanese and Korean people but also between their governments. Ambassador Bessho also expressed hopes for a fresh start of closer and friendlier relations. Cultural exchanges such as the Korea-Japan festival aim to break the ice between President Park and Prime Minister Abe who have not held a bilateral meeting since taking office.

Korea and Japan engage in rare show of cultural diplomacy 윤병세장관, 한일문화행사 참석


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