From Lakewood to Lahore: Virtual Cultural Exchange

The Pakistani media outlet Maati TV is attempting a new type of cultural exchange. Together with the help of the U.S Embassy in Pakistan and the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network, they paired students in Lahore, Pakistan with students in Lakewood, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland) in order for them to share their way of life with one another. Their "Virtual Cultural Exchange Programme" features a back and forth video exchange between the students, who discuss topics from Sufism to basketball.

Maati TV notes: "Within this cultural exchange the students from both the cities will initially make one minute films on their city and themselves followed by the second phase of the program where they will make short films on shared themes that resonate with them."

Check out the series on YouTube, where new videos will be added in the future.

Photo via geralt I Public Domain

What does Lahore and Cleveland have in common?


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