The Many Sounds of Turkey

OneBeat is an annual music exchange partnership between Found Sound Nation and the U.S. Department of State that brings together musicians from around the world to collaborate.

In 2016, they launched OneBeat Istanbul, which brought together musicians from Turkey's many ethnic backgrounds and those fleeing countries. OneBeat Istanbul aimed to create music projects that contribute to building resilient societies.

The following video is a portrait of OneBeat Istanbul Fellow Jinda Kanjo, a Kurdish singer that fled the war in Syria to seek refuge in Turkey. She now works with Kurdish, Syrian and Turkish youth creating a positive impact in their local communities through musical engagement. 

"As you know, the world's common language is music," shares Kanjo. "I think that children who are familiar with music and those who do not know music are not the same. Music creates a balance, a humbleness in their souls."

Watch the original video on Found Sound Nation's YouTube channel here.

Check out this overview of OneBeat from PD Hub Multimedia here.

OneBeat Istanbul Portrait: Jinda Kanjo


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