Nobel Laureates Engage in Science Diplomacy with North Korea

The International Peace Foundation (IPF) reached out to North Korea using something they have in common: science. Three Nobel Laureates went to the country as part of the IPF's "Bridges - Dialogues Towards a Future of Peace" mission and held seminars at three universities there. This science diplomacy mission was not only an opportunity for the Nobel Laureates to present their ideas, but also a chance for the North Korean citizens to share theirs as well. IPF Chairman Uwe Morawetz noted that "[a] major part was that we listened to the North Korean side. The professors there gave presentations where we responded. We created open forums and dialogues which was the main purpose of the visit."

Watch as Aaron Ciechanover, Finn E. Kydland, and Sir Richard Roberts discuss their impressions of the country and their hopes for the future of scientific education in North Korea. Uwe Morawetz is optimistic that these science diplomacy missions will continue in the future: "As an outcome, two of the Nobel Laureates invited two students each to study and work in their lab in the United States and in Israel, so we hope this will push through. We will also surely travel to the country again and possibly have this program now on a bi-yearly basis so that the country opens up more and more for cooperation, understanding, and peace." 

The full video, which was published earlier this month, is available here on the IPF's YouTube page.



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