Philip Seib and Nicholas Cull quoted in Jerusalem Post article on Israel’s public diplomacy efforts.

CPD Director Philip Seib and Nicholas Cull, CPD University Fellow and Director of USC Master of Public Diplomacy program, were quoted discussing Israel’s need to project a more cooperative image in future public diplomacy efforts.

In the article, "Israel's Public Diplomacy Leaves Much to be Desired," Jerusalem Post journalist Ben Hartman details important points brought up during the international conference on Israel's Global Image Crisis: Public Diplomacy and Communications Strategies organized by CPD Senior Scholar Eytan Gilboa who is the Director of the Bar Ilan Center for International Communications.

Cull discussed how Israel’s lack of cooperation in the United Nations’ Goldstone Commission hurt the nation’s ability to have their side heard but also praised recent public diplomacy efforts to win over China with a well executed pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Seib elaborated on Israel’s need to utilize the Israel Broadcasting Authority to its fullest potential by working to create a larger audience share in nations where Israel is not well-liked. More emphasis needs to be placed on making Israel’s message heard and showing what Israel has to offer the world.

To read the full article click here .

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