South Africa's Nation Branding: #InspiredByMyConstitution

Nation branding is an essential part of public diplomacy that involves putting a country's best foot forward to the world.

Oftentimes, it focuses on portraying the country in a rosy light, shying away from the problems it may face. However, South Africa's newest nation branding campaign brings these problems to light and "flip[s] each downside up in a series that sells a strong, positive message for the country we love to call home."

Brand South Africa's new campaign #InspiredByMyConstitution looks at the many rights afforded to the nation's citizens, painting a picture of a country that emphasizes human dignity, equality, freedom of expression and more.

To see more of their mini-films, check out their YouTube page or read Oresti Patricios' piece on MarkLives.

MarkLives #AdoftheWeek: Brand SA's InspiredByMyConstitution with Imraan Christian • Odd Number


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