Volunteering in the Age of Social Media

With more and more people traveling and volunteering around the world—coupled with the rise of sites like Instagram that give platform to sharing selfies and other personal experience photos—the time has come to examine how social media impacts the face of humanitarian efforts.

A new video by the Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH) demonstrates how photos taken while volunteering abroad can promote harmful stereotypes by overshadowing the dignity of those the volunteers are intending to help.

To combat this, the SAIH has published an online booklet titled, "How to Communicate the World: A Social Media Guide for Volunteers and Travelers." The booklet includes a checklist of things to consider before creating a social media post while engaged in humanitarian work. Questions to ask oneself include: "Why do you travel and volunteer?" and "Are you the most relevant person in this setting?"

The full video and the social media guide are available on the Radi-Aid website.

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