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Recent trends in digitalized public diplomacy demonstrate that digital tools are increasingly used to undermine connectedness and to strengthen separateness.

CPD Research Fellow Zhao Alexandre Huang explores the narrative strategies of ASEAN countries regarding the South China Sea.

CPD Research Fellow Zhao Alexandre Huang explores China's narrative strategies.

Bangladeshi Government could leverage social media accounts and engage in domestic digital diplomacy to garner public support for its foreign policies.

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In the post-truth era, public diplomacy counters online falsehoods and promotes compelling digital narratives for one's own truth.

On January 10, 2024, CPD hosted David Craig for an online conversation on creator culture and public diplomacy.

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CPD Blog contributor Jorge Marinho discusses the concept of influence operations and what it means to a country's ontological security.

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The growing popularity of V-pop makes it an emerging tool for Vietnam to diversify its public diplomacy strategy.