What's "In the Works" for Senem Cevik?

An Assistant Professor at Ankara University's Center for the Study and Research of Psychology, Dr. Senem Cevik is currently a visiting research scholar at The Olive Tree Initiative project at UC Irvine's Center on Conflict Resolution. She is an associate member of the International Dialogue Initiative (IDI), and an alumna of CPD's Summer Institute in Public Diplomacy (Class of 2013). 

Dr. Cevik's research foci include Turkey's public diplomacy efforts, its role as a rising power, and its position as facilitator between its region and the United States. Additionally, her secondary focus is on humanitarian diplomacy and the role of faith-based Turkish NGOs in the country's foreign aid framework. 

This spring, Cevik will be teaching the first course on public diplomacy at Ankara University's Faculty of Political Science, one of the oldest higher educational institutions in Turkey. In February, she will be presenting her work on humanitarian aid at the 2015 International Studies Association conference and she will also participate in the upcoming CPD symposium on PD & Development Communications where she will present her paper on faith-based foreign aid and humanitarian diplomacy conducted by Turkish NGOs.

Cevik's recent publications include: 

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