When Cultures Come Together

This August 22–24, cultural ministers, politicians and arts leaders will converge in Edinburgh, Scotland for the fourth International Culture Summit.

Drawing delegations from over 40 countries, this year's theme is about how culture connects people and places. Featured discussions include "Culture in a Networked World," "Culture and Investment," and "Culture and Wellbeing."

"We think we have a great story to tell," said Sir Jonathan Mills AO, director of the summit. "We have a great context in which to discuss one of the most enduringly powerful connecting elements in humankind."

Below, watch a video previewing the summit through participant voices.

You can find the full video on the Edinburgh International Culture Summit's Twitter page here

Read CPD's Q&A interview with Sir Jonathan Mills AO here, where he shares insights into cultural diplomacy of the past, present and future, musical harmony as a symbol of diplomacy, and more.


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