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The Year in Perspectives

2016 saw a wide range of subjects and regions covered by CPD's Perspectives on Public Diplomacy series: from a two-part series on emerging powers to an anthology on international development, and from Turkey to Canada to the United Arab Emirates, as well as places in between. For your perusal, below are links to the year's papers:

The PD of Emerging Powers, Part 1: The Case of Turkey by Ellen Huijgh and Jordan Warlick

Intersections Between Public Diplomacy and International Development: Case Studies in Converging Fields ed. James Pamment 

Canadian Public Diplomacy and Nation-Building: Expo 67 and the World Festival of Arts and Entertainment by Kailey Hansson

The PD of Emerging Powers, Part 2: The Case of Indonesia by Ellen Huijgh

The Reem Island Ghost: Framing State Narratives on Terror by Vivian Walker

From top to bottom: Photo via public domain, Photo by JJ_Dredd | Public Domain, Photo reprinted courtesy Hyunjin Seo and Stuart Thorson, Photo by the Webhamster | CC BY 2.0, Photo by Global Panorama | CC BY-SA 2.0, Photo by Scalabis Illuminati (Beto De Miranda) | CC BY 2.0


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