advocacy and dialogue

America’s best universities and colleges are teaching President Donald Trump a lesson: They won’t take his controversial policies lying down. [...] Over 20,000 faculty members from many universities across the US, 572 members of the US National Academy of Sciences and hundreds of scientists have signed the “NoToImmigrationBan” petition.

Seventeen Muslim, Christian, and Jewish women visited Northwest Indiana due to the efforts of the Jewish Federation of Northwest Indiana. The “Cooking a Dialogue” program was started to encourage a dialogue between Arab and Jewish women in the Western Galilee region of Israel. They have gotten to know each other on a personal level as well as learn about each other’s culture, customs, and food.

No one at the high-level United Nations conference devoted to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 denies serious scientific and financial challenges remain, but cultural sensitivities may prove the toughest stumbling block on the way to achieving that goal.

Exploring the power of PD to empower and advocate for marginalized communities.

This policy papers outlines four steps to improve U.S. public diplomacy communication strategies. 

New bureau will tackle online incitement by locating content harmful to Israel while also engaging in advocacy and dialogue. [...] The new team will include between eight to ten people, all fluent in Arabic and who a have a background in the Arab world. It will operate under the auspices of the Public Diplomacy Department.