Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni has held trade and investment talks with the visiting United States Under-Secretary for Public Affairs and Diplomacy in the American State Department Ms. Judith McHale.

A June 28–29 symposium in Uganda organized by the U.S. telecom firm Verizon Communications and other planning partners is an effort to help improve East Africa’s Internet links with the rest of the world...Overall, the conference hopes to connect education, communication and government and spur a dialogue to move forward and use the Internet to promote greater economic growth and development across East Africa, she said.

When Sunil Mittal, the 52-year-old chairman of Bharti Enterprises, recently announced the Indian mobile company's successful acquisition of Kuwait-based Zain's African operations, he flagged off the next stage in the so-called “race for Africa” between India and China.

The Football World Cup kicks off on Friday. This is an opportune occasion to reflect on the fact that sport is meant to foster social cohesion, bring different cultures together in a celebration of healthy competition...

The Head of State pointed out that the current global economic, cultural and communities integration had led to a growing need for broad consular representation of the country to spur close interaction with other countries.

Nigeria has done the best it can for Ghana in its 'Big-Brother' role in Africa and under its centerpiece and neighbourhood diplomacy...But there are disturbing reports from Ghana about increasing hostility towards Nigerians.

For some, the rapid growth of China’s presence in Africa has been disquieting. Beijing is not always helpful where it has political influence. It occasionally colludes with corrupt and abusive governments, and its thirst for natural resources has raised the specter of a second “scramble for Africa.”

June 7, 2010

What’s the relationship between the West and Africa? A respected – but tiny – Toronto theatre company joins global partners to ask a question as big as a continent.