Beyond reactionary health measures, what else can be done to prevent future outbreaks of deadly diseases?

In light of recent events, Michael Edward Walsh provides a follow-up to his earlier piece about the Djibouti Regional Training Center (DRTC).

When a maritime security facility is created, how should it be used? A look into Djibouti’s DRTC.

U.S. robotics company Zipline, which launched the world's first commercial drone delivery service, in Rwanda, says it is close to expanding to Tanzania. It has been delivering emergency blood supplies within Rwanda since 2016.

After a decade, in the 2000s, in which China aggressively pursued warmer relations with many Southeast Asian nations, using a combination of diplomacy, aid, and soft power to woo its neighbors, the past five years have seen a significant chill in China-Southeast Asia relations. 

The duck suits and One Direction's online call "to put pressure on our leaders" are both part of a global effort to send a message to the Financing for Development summit that starts on Monday in Addis Adaba, Ethiopia.

Between 2002 and 2013, approximately US$42.6 billion was given in foreign aid by the world’s richest countries to support higher education in developing countries. That may sound like a lot, but the total amount spent on foreign aid in that period was US$1.6 trillion – dwarfing higher education to just 2.7% of the total.