U.S. Ambassador Nicholas Platt, Vassar’s first “Ambassador-in-Residence”, made students aware of the rewards of a career in foreign service­­­—part of which is being able to bring back roadmaps from those paths less traveled.

The South Korean ambassador is offering residents of Ottawa a rare opportunity to visit a portion of his homeland without needing a passport. To mark the 50th anniversary of South Korea-Canada diplomatic relations, the ambassador's home at 540 Acacia Ave. in Rockcliffe Park will participate in the popular Homes for the Holidays tour in support of the Hospice at May Court.

The Ambassadress spoke about the Kingdom of Bahrain and current developments in the various political and economic aspects and investment opportunities and the effective, positive role of Bahraini women and ample opportunities in various spheres.

Through Serenta (outreach and public diplomacy programme), we inform students on how Asean was conceived and its successes to date," he said, adding that more activities were being planned..."With the support of ambassadors, high commissioners and ministries, we are very confident that we will host Asean and (assume) the chairmanship with success.

Why did you join Twitter? .... I’m interested in the public diplomacy aspect of your job. I come to this job at a crucial juncture in the relationship between Israel and the United States. We face great challenges in getting our message across.

As public diplomacy expanded in scope and focus, an ambassador's outreach role also expanded. Besides keeping in touch with various organs of the host government, he found it important to have friendly relations with the local media. He also understood that it was critical to be accepted by the political, intellectual and cultural community of the host country.

And earlier this year, Ray urged dialogue to address the differences between Harare and Washington...Ray struck a unique connection with Zimbabweans by openly engaging them on Twitter [@charlieray45] and Facebook on a range of subjects.