Anti-Islamophobia Rally

"How can U.S. public diplomacy...maintain any credibility given what appears to be an openly Islamophobic administration?" asks Mieczysław P. Boduszyński.

A new museum, the Institute of Arab and Islamic Art, is [...] providing a platform for artists and scholars to exchange ideas and promote cultural dialogue between voices in the United States and Arab and Islamic countries.  

As Imam Omar Shaheed looked out at the 150 people who packed the Columbia Museum of Art’s auditorium Sunday night, he was struck by one thing. “We’re all different religions, but we have a humanity,” he said. “That’s really standing out.” Shaheed, imam at Masjid as-Salaam in Columbia, was part of the panel at “Dinner and Dialogue: Understanding Islam.” The discussion that was part of the event answered questions about the tenets of Islam, the most common misconceptions about the religion and the similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The King Salman Centre for International Peace (KSCIP), to be set up in Malaysia, can help correct any negative image of Islam and its followers, said Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hus­sein. He said the decision by Saudi Arabia to have the centre built here showed its confidence in the country’s leadership.

The Tao Nan Primary School pupil was among 120 students - 60 local Marine Parade residents and 60 from the Japanese School of Singapore - at Moshi Moshi, Hello! Singapore-Japan Exchange 2016, an event to promote intercultural exchange and mutual understanding between children from the local and Japanese communities.

...[In] addition to these anti-terrorism measures that are also generally seen in other countries, Morocco started its unique reform in the religious field, namely, the education of Imams. The objective of this reform is to prevent the youth from developing a false “sympathy”  toward extremism; if Imams preach moderate Islam in all mosques in Morocco, then young Moroccans will understand that the “sympathy” directed toward the Islam of extremists is wrong and that moderate Islam is the correct path.