The 30th session of Khartoum International Fair continues for one week until 21 January. SUNA interviewed the Jordan commercial attaché, Ahmad Arched Al-Arjan, in the Jordan section in the fair, located in a Burri suburb. Ahmad said that Jordan has participated in Khartoum Fair since its beginning in the late 70s. He asserted that their contributions were successful and opened new opportunities for Jordanian investors to enter in promised investment projects.

Proving that art transcends conflicts and boundaries, dancers from Turkey, Egypt and Jordan will participate in the annual International Belly Dance Festival taking place January 16-19 in the Israeli city of Eilat, on the Red Sea.

“This is a key point for digital diplomacy – the importance of reaching a broader audience, not just the same old people who usually follow foreign affairs.” As such, top diplomats are increasingly holding live, virtual chats on social networks to engage with people whom they would otherwise never meet.

Liquid Comics and the Open Hands Initiative, a U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to public diplomacy efforts, on Wednesday announced the launch of the Silver Scorpion animated Web series on MTV Voices.... the wheelchair-bound Silver Scorpion is the brainchild of a group of 26 American and Syrian youths with disabilities who convened for a Youth Ability Summit in Damascus over a year ago.

“In terms of public diplomacy, it is always more interesting if members belonging to the local population express your message. The French won’t believe what the emir of Qatar tells them, but they will believe the director of a start-up in the French suburbs,” said Pelletier.

Guangzhou's new Waqqas Mosque is one of many of China's recent forays into Islamic infrastructure -- a market that promises to earn Beijing as much in soft power with the resource-rich Muslim world as it does contract revenues.

The Arab Spring has provided a platform to the unsung heroes of the Arab world. While the top two uses of social media were raising awareness and spreading information about events related to uprisings and revolutions, a slightly larger percentage of men than women used social media for these purposes.

“JAMM is a vessel to promote cultural diplomacy,” the founders state on their website. “Our goal is to advance Arab and Iranian artists in the West, and Western artists in the East, and thus encourage further collaboration between the two,” they explained.