Armenian adults and school children arrived in Georgia as part of the framework of the English Language Learning Strengthening Program of Buckswood Summer School...They will spend 21 days with Georgian peers at Tskneti English Language Summer School. They will have an intensive course of English and participate in different sports, educational and cultural activities.

With political efforts to bring about reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia seemingly stymied, nongovernmental organizations are working on diplomatic moves of their own, planning a network to help Turkish and Armenian groups develop joint projects.

Turkish and Armenian representatives from various nongovernmental organizations (NGO) came together in İstanbul to address relations between the two countries and share messages of goodwill.

Baku continues to view the lock on that border as its own success, an outcome of its active and public diplomacy.

As diplomatic efforts to resolve political disputes continue in the Caucasus, civil society groups from countries in the region are working on projects that they hope will help bring hostile nations together.

The 7th annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival came to an end this past weekend in Yerevan, with closing ceremonies conducted by French-Armenian filmmaker Serge Avedikian whose film, Barking Island officially closed the festival at the Moscow Cinema on July 18. Avedikian’s film was just one of five hundred films submitted this year from seventy five countries, the most in the festival’s short seven year life-span.

The Turkish and Armenian Youth Orchestra is gathering for peace in Turkey. A total of 70 people will come together for three concerts. This is not diplomacy or football, it’s young people meeting in an international environment based in music, says the orchestra’s conductor, Nvart Andreasyan.

It was, indeed, a first for a US Secretary of State to visit Dzidzernagapert Armenian Memorial Monument. What was, indeed, puzzling about the visit was that it was dubbed a “private” visit by one of the most visible—public—officials in the world.