The second area of Turkey’s ethos gap is in relation to the Kurdish question and the confrontations with Armenians and Alevis – longstanding conflicts inherited from the Ottoman Empire. These disputes influence Turkey’s global reputation and challenge the vision of its highly idealistic values-driven foreign policy discourse.

Protests in Turkey after the murder of Özgecan Aslan, February 2015

The conclusion of Senem Cevik's thoughts on Turkish nation branding.

Hailing the smooth development of the relationship over the 23 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, Xi said the two sides should continue supporting each other on their development paths, core interests and efforts for prosperity.

Organized by DanceMotion USA, a cultural diplomacy program run by the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the "Unsettled" modern dance performance focuses on reconciliation of people. Dancers from Turkish, American and Armenian origins examine the nature of saying "sorry."
February 17, 2015

The first Armenian-Russian youth forum kicked off in Yerevan on Thursday, Novosti-Armenia reports. The forum’s mission is to develop international youth cooperation and to get the Russian and the Armenian youth involved in socioeconomic development of their countries Russian ambassador Ivan Volinkin said in his welcoming message, as cited by director of the Russian science and culture center in Yerevan Mark Kalinin.