Cultural diplomacy is accepted as a powerful instrument of soft power whose outreach is often underestimated. It has been found to be the most effective way of influencing foreign audiences. Other countries reach out to the youth, non-elite and other audiences outside the traditional embassy circuit because this form of diplomacy derives its credibility when it is seen as being independent of government institutions. 

The German ambassador to Bahrain wanted to do something special for the German National Unity reception. [...] He came back, jazz guitar in hand, to join the “Jazzabilly band” in a few songs. The audience was thrilled. Simms-Protz has always professed his belief that music and art are instrumental tools for bringing people together — especially the youth.

There have been wonderful, detailed accounts of this historic visit, and its function (cultural diplomacy), nature (friendly and collaborative), and outcomes (artistic and financial commitments), so I won't rehash those here. What I'll focus on instead is the immeasurable component of art itself in the rebuilding of relationships at a people-to-people level. 

The relocation of the exhibition marks the next stage in the cooperation agreement established between the MSAR and the Macau Scientific and Cultural Center of Portugal’s Ministry of Education and Science, which aims to provide a platform for Chinese and Portuguese cultural exchange. The exhibition showcases a selection of over 100 records that illustrate the historical background of the Macau diaspora around the world.

However, Ballet Austin is now going where few, if any, Western ballet companies have gone before. The major cities of Beijing and Shanghai are typical tour destinations for the few American dance companies  that have performed in China. Yet Ballet Austin’s tour includes farther-flung cities like Kunming, Chengdu and Chongqing, where few Western performing artists ever tour.

Recently concluded first BRICS film festival  which was held in New Delhi in the run up the to the BRICS summit to be held in Goa next month, has left a very positive impact amongst the film critique and film lovers’ community. [...] it might open up for forging the long-term alliances to enhance mutual cooperation amongst the participating nations in the field of films, art, and culture.

Indian Academy of Fine Arts, established in pre-Partition days, has extended invitation to artists from Pakistan for joint performances and participation in various competitions including painting, sculpturing, fine arts etc. aiming to bolster the relations between two nations which have taken a backseat in recent past.

The embassy tours will take place this weekend on a first-come, first-served basis and are part of Heritage Open Days, England’s annual festival of history, which will see thousands of places open their doors. [...] As well as the embassy tours, the trust has launched Europe and Us in 99 Objects and on 17-18 September will hold a weekend of events at Mount Stewart [...] exploring the history and politics of British diplomacy.