“Project Zimbabwe explores other aspects of life related to Zimbabwe such as fashion, film, arts and culture, allowing people to see and experience the amazing sounds and talents from Zimbabwe. This is done by featuring events, interviews and reviews,” he said

Driven by a most relevant theme of ‘Boundaries, Identity and The Public Realm’ in these increasingly fraught times, The New York Times Art for Tomorrow Conference is set to present another fascinating round of discussions, insights, analysis, and contemplations, advanced by great minds, from March 10 to 13 at the W Doha Hotel & Residences. [...] The event will explore the tangible contributions that art and cultural development can make to economic growth and nation-building initiatives. 

What is much less known about the Rockefeller’s is their philanthropic mission to pursue a cultural exchange between Asian and American artists. Wendy O’Neill, a fifth-generation Rockefeller, expressed her wishes to increase philanthropic support for Korean artists at a press briefing held in Namsan Art Center in Seoul, Monday.

What do World Cup champion Abby Wambach, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Jewel, and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Lakshmi Puri have in common? Each of them is a fighter in the struggle for gender equality and has overcome stacked odds to become a 21st-century champion for change. 

The Mexican Consulate in San Francisco looks closer at the PD role of diaspora artists.

As befitting a celebrated poet at the height of his powers, Robert Pinsky strides toward an interview in the company of a striking flame-haired woman in black. At 72, Pinsky comes close to fulfilling Hollywood's fantasy of what a poet ought to look like: trim and fit, with a full head of steel-gray hair and a profile eerily reminiscent of another Massachusetts poet, Robert Lowell.

September 5, 2012

The purpose of the video contest was for the world to tell the story of India's soft power, as they saw it. The video challenge aimed to allow individuals from different cultures and backgrounds to express their creativity, understanding and display their artistic prowess on subjects that really define our nation.

The Maltese Embassy in Tunisia is also committed to enhance relations between Malta and Tunisia through cultural diplomacy and humanitarian assistance, amongst others. The embassy’s political work is currently focused on the holding of the Annual Maltese-Tunisian Mixed Commission meeting which this year is due to be held in Tunisia.