December 5, 2015

We are on the threshold of an historic opportunity to mend a badly broken relationship with our Caribbean neighbor, but Cuba is much more than a neighbor - she is a long lost relative, a source of wonderful culture, incredible artists and musicians, and several civic examples that we could all learn from. She could also become one of our greatest allies in the Western Hemisphere. 

Some of the world's most expensive and rarely seen modern art, including works by the Americans Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, went on display Saturday in a major exhibition in Iran. 

The event recognizes the growing interest in Asian arts internationally and the current threats presented by regional conflicts, natural disasters, and changing populations. Issues addressed at the Summit include the challenges in the work of cultural heritage preservation, the responsibilities of institutions and individuals as stewards of culture, and the technologies and methods used to keep traditions intact and relevant into and beyond the twenty-first century.

J. Calvin Jarrell knows Cubans have suffered because of their country’s social, political and economic isolation, but he can’t help but worry how changing tides will affect it. The retired dance professor emeritus at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has traveled to Cuba 24 times in nine years.


Today sees the close of the current ‘World’s Fair,’ in Milan, Italy. The six-month-long Expo Milano 2015 showcased tech innovation, especially from Italy, and while much will be written about the cost and legacy of the event, I’d like to argue that the host country made a clever use of this opportunity to show off its startups.

The notes of the sarabande of Bach’s Suite No 2 rise in the cold air, praising God for the “miracle” of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as Mstislav Rostropovich later put it. The photograph is seen around the world. The date is 11 November 1989, and the Russian virtuoso is marching to the beat of history.

Set in lush green lawns of the Swiss embassy, an exhibition featuring the work of 12 Pakistani sculptors was held on Friday. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Satrang Gallery Director Asma Khan said the embassy asked her to put up a show of sculptors for them.

The 2015 Asia-Pacific Culture Day concluded Oct. 25 at Taipei Main Station, demonstrating the government’s commitment to fostering stronger ties between Taiwan and its partners throughout the region.