Indian premier Manmohan Singh’s recent visit to Malaysia comes at a time when India is also rediscovering its long historical and cultural links to the region, which scholars once dubbed ‘Greater India’. It coincides with efforts by numerous Indian bodies such as the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to rebuild the cultural bridge with a part of the world that is so close to India, and yet somehow distant.

The exhibition aims to introduce a broad range of typical images of the daily life in Vietnam and other ASEAN countries in all fields including culture, science and technology, economics, politics, diplomacy and sports.

Since international influence played a vital role in bringing about democracy in Thailand in 1992, inevitably it is interesting to know, what exactly are the ASEAN, US, UN and EU responses to the recent Thai crisis?

Since bilateral issues cannot officially be tackled in the multilateral forum of SAARC, this comment reflected the common feeling among SAARC member States that the Indo-Pak relations overshadow SAARC meetings. The incapacity of its member States to discuss political issues restrains SAARC’s credibility as a regional organization...

Defence officials from 27 countries are attending the ASEAN Regional Forum's Security Policy Conference (ASPC) to discuss the ASEAN Regional Forum's (ARF) role in dealing with non-traditional security threats.

There are 10 other countries in particular that hold the key to America's central role in all of Asia. Engaging with them is a must for US prosperity and national security.

"We believe that a more connected region will enhance regional integration. Connectivity covers not only physical linkages but also financial and socio-cultural ties, including tourism, cultural exchanges and movement of people. This calls for a convergence of ideas," he said.

It has been a year since the ASEAN-Korea Center opened its doors to the general public. In that year the center has rolled out everything from cultural events to trade exhibitions, with the goal of promoting ASEAN countries in Korea.